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Tin Industry Info
First traded on LME:                          1877
Current specification introduced:  June 1989
World production:                              349,000 tonnes per annum (2007)

Tin, like copper, was one of the first metals mined and its excellent qualities and shiny finish made it a highly sought after commodity. Particularly liked for its fusion abilities in the making of alloys, notably bronze, and its non-toxic qualities, tin was soon traded in many parts of the world. Not surprisingly, it was traded on the LME from the market’s outset in 1877. Today it is still used in the production of bronze, pewter and die-casting alloys and, in modern engineering, to make tungsten more machineable. However, the largest uses for tin are for the production of solders and for tin plating (providing an attractive coating to iron and steel products).

World Tin production


Region %
Asia 80
America 17
Europe 3
Oceania 0
Africa 0
Total 100
Industrial consumption 
Industry %
Solders 32
Tin Plate 27
Other 21
Alloys 14
Total 100


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