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Working with RIG has been breath of fresh air after so many bad experiences.
- Jeff J., Detroit, MI

RIG was a pleasure to work with and were thrilled with their service.
- Sam R., Los Angeles, CA

RIG helped us understand the value of our scrap metal and offered the best pricing.
- Rob K., Madison, WI

RIG tested our samples and provided free assays which saved us time/expense.
- Jennifer J., Las Vegas, NV
Recycle Scrap Metals
Sell Us Your Solder Dross

Your spent solder is a valuable commodity. After receiving a sample of your solder, it is analyzed and market value is established using current metals pricing.The resulting analysis details the metal composition of the returned material. Alloys are segregated by composition and form (dross or metal), assigned lot numbers and recycled. When the recycling process is complete, these purified solders meet or exceed all ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) specifications for contamination levels.

Environmentally Friendly

RIG is extremely cautious in regard to the environment and properly dispose of all pollutants during the processing of your scrap. We use large collection pads for draining oils and the removal of other hazardous contaminants before any water leaves our facilities. Our smelting operations uses air filtration systems to filter and capture particulates that are harmful to the environment. We never send any metallic scrap including drosses to the land fill for your peace of mind.

We look forward to providing you a safe profitable source to sell your non-ferrous scrap metal.

RIG is in Compliance with EPA local, state and federal regulatory agencies.

We Buy The Following In Solid Or Dross Forms For Recycling And Reuse:

  • Block Tin
  • Tin Powders
  • Pewter
  • Electronic Solder
  • Babbitt (All Grades)
  • Low Grade Solders
  • Radiator Drips
  • Wheel Weights
  • Soft Lead
  • Bismuth
  • Contaminated Dross
  • Solder Dross
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